The Essential List of Questions to Ask Any Vendor Before Purchasing Practice Management and EHR Software: 2016 Edition

As you consider your optometry software options, you probably realize you have a lot of questions to ask and answers to find, regardless of where you are in the buying journey.

Download this essential list of 50+ questions to help get the tough answers out of vendors before you hand over your credit card.

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A New Practice Management and EHR Solution is a Big Investment

That's why you want to be sure that you know exactly what you are (and aren't) buying before you rush into a purchase you may later regret. We've compiled a list of tough questions designed to get the whole picture from software vendors who tend to gloss over some of the most important details. After reading this eBook, you'll be be armed with all the questions you need to ask regarding:

  • Technology
  • Comprehensiveness
  • EHR
  • Implementation, Training, and Support
  • Cost

We've also included a printable list of all the questions so you can fill in the answers while you speak with vendors.

Plus, we've provided you with our answers to the questions in the eBook, so you can quickly compare Uprise to other systems on the market. Download The Essential List and make sure you aren't letting vendors skip over the important details.