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A Complete Eyecare Practice Management and EHR Optician Software Dictionary

Use this dictionary packed-full of terms and acronyms you should know when it comes to practice management and EHR optician software!

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ehr software

Client Server v. The Cloud

These different architectures for optician software determine how your practice management and EHR software is accessed and updated.

optical software

EHR v. EMR Software

These two acronyms seem to hold the same meaning in many minds. However, the difference will have a huge impact on patient care in your eyecare practice.

optometry software

Stage 1, 2, and 3 of Meaningful Use

Learn the major differences between the 3 stages of Meaningful Use and how it will affect your optician software processes!

You may be thinking 'what’s the point of an optician software dictionary if you can’t understand and apply the definitions'? Don’t worry, we took care of that, too. With our easy to understand explanations and practice examples you’ll be more knowledgeable than you ever thought you could be!

Optician Software Dictionary