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EHR Implementation: The Ultimate Guide to Change Management

New practice management & optometry EHR software will change a lot of your business processes. Resistance is understandable, so proper change management and dedication are necessary. Get on the right track!


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Optometry EHR Software Advantages

Though it is now mandated by the government to use a certified optometry EHR, it’s not just about the Meaningful Use Program. We'll touch base on many of the advantages that come along with implementing EHR software!

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Changes to Expect

With new optometry EHR software, you can expect many workflow processes to change. It’s a good idea to go through some of these changes in a standard workflow by position in the office and explain the benefits of them, so you know what to expect!

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How to Prepare

Preparing ahead of time can minimize some of the stress and costs that come along with the process. With a proper plan, you’ll be able to spend time and effort into places that need the most attention. Learn the 5 steps to prepare for a successful optometry EHR software implementation.   

With proper change management, full dedication from your team, and the right solution, your practice will soon experience the increased efficiency and revenue that a practice management and optometry EHR software brings to your practice. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and in this case, we’re telling you to embrace it! 

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