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Have you ever wondered how much your practice management and EHR software is actually costing you? Your initial bill or even monthly subscriptions may just be the tip of the iceberg. Don't let hidden fees lurking below the surface sink your practice. Use our Total Cost of Ownership Tool to help discover your total investment over time.


Learn What's Below the Surface

Thinking of purchasing new optometry software? Use this tool to help you compare the total cost of ownership for different practice management and EHR solutions as a long-term investment. Our Total Cost of Ownership Calculator will do all the math for you so you get the whole picture for each software solution you consider. We'll help you understand and compare how much you are paying for:

  • Hardware and IT infrastructure costs
  • Training and support fees
  • Add-ons and subscription costs
  • Software upgrade fees
  • 5 year total cost of ownership

Try out the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator to truly understand the investment your practice is making and avoid any fees hidden below the surface.

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